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Business Analysis - Fourth Edition by Debra Paul and James Cadle

Every few years the main book used by BCS for the International Diploma of Business Analyst is getting updated. This is normal because the domain keeps changing, expanding and has a continuous evolution.

At the end of 2019 I studied for my Certification from the book with the green juice on it, Business Analysis - Third Edition by Debra Paul. A month ago, in July 2020, a new edition, The Fourth, came to light, containing a new chapter on Business Analysis as a service.

I am absolutely sure that after the pandemic is over the majority of the companies will need expert advice from a business analyst to assist them with the changes that the new market will make them go through. This new book will be a best-seller, exactly as the other versions.

You can get your book from Amazon here:

Fun fact: in the past, some of the BCS students for the International Diploma of Business Analyst were pleasantly surprised by having Mrs. Debra Paul as one of the two examiners for the oral exam.

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